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Our Vision

I need a place to go to get well. I can no longer hang around my old friends. I’ve made new, healthy friends here at Serenity Place.

Our vision is to build OR buy and retrofit an existing building to further provide for the needs of those in recovery.

The Needs

To fully serve those in addiction recovery, Serenity Place needs a new facility in order to:

  • be a source of information about the diseases of addiction;

  • be a facility that provides social and recreational activities for individuals recovering and their families in a clean and safe environment;

  • offer a contact point for individuals seeking assistance or information in the recovery process;

  • accommodate the tremendous growth of 12-Step recovery programs and the scores of new meetings.

The Plan

A new building or location for Serenity Place would:

  • provide more space, including a community room and numerous meeting rooms;

  • provide more space for parking;

  • be ADA (American with Disabilities Act) compliant;

  • be open more hours each day;

  • be centrally located;

  • have a kitchen to accommodate events for those in recovery and their families;

We Need Your Help

We need your help to make our vision a reality.

Serenity Place has several options for you or your organization to make a substantial, initial donation. Serenity Place plans donor recognition. Please consider being a donor by contributing online or mailing in your donation.

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