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At Serenity Place, we welcome anyone going through addiction recovery who needs support and resources.

Groups We Serve

Serenity Place currently serves 600-700 people, mostly recovery alcoholics, and provides more than 20 meetings per week. Some of the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings at our current facility are Open Meetings where anyone can attend, including members of Narcotics Anonymous, Al-Anon and Alateen. We have been made aware of present needs for better support groups for many other addictions and would like to expand our facilities to accommodate those.

Future Services

With a new, larger facility, we envision also providing more services, such as meals and social events — a place where those in recovery can further support each other and thrive.

See Our Vision.

Contact us if you want to visit and check us out, or if you want to volunteer your talent or time.

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To provide needed services, we need your help.

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