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About Us

Serenity Place exists to provide a safe, comfortable and accessible environment for recovery through 12-step meetings held by such groups as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Al-Anon, Alateen and other similar groups. Learn more about our Services.


Serenity Place is a nonprofit organization managed by its members through a board of directors. We are not affiliated with any clinical, medical, religious, political or insurance organizations. We rely on Serenity Place membership dues to augment our facility's operation. It's easy to become a member. Click here for more information. We also rely heavily on our members' volunteer efforts for all that we do. Click here for information about volunteering with us.

Safe, comfortable atmosphere at Serenity Place

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We are a nonprofit owned solely by our members and supported by membership fees, group contributions, and donations. All the funds are used for maintenance, utilities, and day-to-day expenses. We receive no funding from city, state, or federal entities. See How to Join and Contribute.

Our History

Serenity Place had its humble beginning during the late 1980s at the former Church of God of Prophecy at 601 North 9th Street in Bismarck. The old building was rendered unusable in an unfortunate, total-loss fire. The nonprofit organization acquired its current building in 2002, located at 1520 E Thayer Avenue. We are currently in search of a new facility to accommodate our expanding needs and membership. Read about Our Vision.

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